• Pharmaceutical Analysis


    The book “Pharmaceutical Analysis -I” is a culmination and very honest, sincere effect the level and aspirations of Pharmacy students for the undergraduate level.

    This textbook is written as per syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council India. Many students do not have a good background in Pharmaceutical Analysis- I.

    We have tried to make simpler and easily understandable to our students for whom this book has been written.

    The book consists of 5 chapters, further each chapter starts with the introduction followed by a subtopic specified in the syllabus such as...

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  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - I

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry


    This book work aims to provide the students’ community, with a prominent focus on the ‘notes’ point of view, to appreciate the importance of more reading habits among students, and render their immense confidence in their learning efforts for the end semester exam preparations.
    Nowadays, owing to social media addiction habits that exist among young students, notes preparation by them becomes a very rare action. Even the capable and high IQ candidates are not bothering much about in knowing the significance of deep and extensive learning about a theme. All the professional students are...

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New Releases

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - I

Dr. D. Saravanan, Dr. S. Deivam, Dr. M. Karpakavalli
22 June 2023

Pharmaceutical Analysis-I

Dr. I. Sarath Chandiran, Mr. S. G. Raman, Dr. D. Saravanan, Dr. T. Venkatachalam
29 April 2021

Basic Aspects of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Dr. R. Senthilraj, Dr. K. Masilamani, Dr. D. Saravanan
29 April 2021

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Volume 1

Dr. D. Saravanan, S.G. Raman, Prof. Dr. T. Venkatachalam, Dr. V. Gnanavel, Prof. R. Rajkumar
28 October 2020

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

B. Syed Salman
31 August 2020

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III

Dr. D. Saravanan, Dr.T.Venkatachalam, Prof.S.G.Raman
27 July 2020

Viva Voice in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Anmol Agarwal
28 July 2019